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The Online Charity Marketplace

RELUV’s Journey

RELUV’s story starts 2 years ago, where Mollie Spurr was scouted by Falmouth University to begin building her undergraduate business idea, based on supporting the charity retail sector. Along with two others, the team were given the challenge to improve the circular economy of fashion and reduce waste. A collective passion towards second hand fashion built the foundations for RELUV, as it motivated a focus on the charity retail sector and their lack of online presence in the modern day.

The development of RELUV went hand in hand with the national lockdown, as the team were able to witness first hand the economic suffering that charity shops endured, whilst the fast fashion retailers thrived digitally. This reinforced the need to bridge the gap between second hand fashion and the digital world and provide charity retail shops the tools to modernise themselves and compete against the fast fashion industry.

An Online Charity Marketplace Community

We are so much more than a marketplace. For charity retail shops, we praise ourselves on the additional support we can provide in the form of trend and style guides, along with tailored promotion around their causes and daily rigours. We are able to get charities back on their feet by earning them four times more per item than they can in store, and raise online awareness of the organisation’s work, whilst improving society’s perception of second-hand shopping.

Started from the bottom, now we’re here !

In the foreground, we have been working closely with the gang over at Morrow Digital to bring our APP designs to life and build our Web App. This is to make the RELUV Online Charity Marketplace experience that little bit more user friendly, whilst enhancing our community within the sustainable fashion space.

“It was great to collaborate with Mollie and the team at Reluv. We worked through the project in several phases, initially doing the buyer flows and then moving onto the seller flows. Designs were provided in Figma and we managed the development workload using ClickUp. It’s great knowing our efforts are going to help charities to fund their important work.”

Tom Riglar – Morrow Digital

We have now launched our marketplace platform, which is super exciting and means that the process will be much easier for charities now to upload and sell within our platform, and even simpler for our customers to start loving second hand! Our web platform is designed to host charities all in one place, so we can work with the charity community and provide support, whilst they retail with us. The platform takes a 17% commission from each item sold, 9% from the charity vendor and 8% from the customer. To be involved as a charity vendor, there is a £5 subscription fee. However, this subscription starts after a 3 month trial period and we encourage the charities to post as much as possible during this time to really get the most from the platform.

It has been a highly rewarding journey so far, and this is only the beginning for RELUV!

We are excited to grow our collaborations with Charity Retail Shops, and our quirky customers. Don’t miss out! Become a part of the community now by clicking LOGIN now and registering as a user !

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