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Working with Choose Love, just the beginning of our Upcycle Story.

‘The first batch sold out within 10 hours’

Philli Boyle – Choose Love

This year has highlighted an environmental surge for second-hand clothing. 

During our last year of working with Charity retailers, at Reluv we have noticed an excess of donations with a lack of resources to retail effectively, as we’re able to offer the charities a higher price than the Rag Man, it makes perfect sense to keep preloved t-shirts in circulation by refreshing them with a new branded identity. With the effects of COVID still obvious within the charity sector, it is important to remember that even those low prices items (such as t-shirts) can and should be recycled, UPCYCLED to help reduce waste from the charity stores and to improve circulation of garments already within the UK – rather than importing new products from the 3rd world.

Same, Same but DIFFERENT!

Unknown !

At Reluv we gather the plain t-shirts from our partner charities, refresh them with a starch wash and screen print new branding onto them – giving them a while new lease of life.

Collaboration with Choose Love:

Sustainable, ethical and hella good looking. Our new very limited edition Choose Earth tees are a collaboration with @reluv_hq – they collect excess plain t-shirts that charity shops struggle to sell, then we give them a whole new lease of life by cleaning and screenprinting them. ⁣

⁣Please note that when you choose an upcycled tee, it’s a lucky dip – we have a whole rainbow of colours and every t-shirt is unique! ⁣

100% of profits will go to the incredible indigenous leaders across Brazil dedicating their lives to fight for the future of our planet.⁣

Choose Love Instagram Post


One mans trash is another man’s treasure !

you know the score

With a growing demand for t-shirts, to go towards up-cycled merchandise – we need your t-shirts !

Dear all charities nationwide- put your t-shirts to good use. Earn more for your low price pieces and support our sustainable recycling incentive at the same time!

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