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Personally, I always think it is far more difficult to express your style and experiment with fashion when so many layers have to be involved in the colder months… so this guide is here to show us how we can still bring our personal styles to life and welcome in autumn with open arms!

As an online charity marketplace, we are here to show how you can be both sustainable and fashionable! As a forward thinking business, our goal is to steer away from the micro trends that are promoted all over social media through the influencer and media culture, and find pieces which have longer life cycles, that are worth investing in!

Here at RELUV, we have chosen the most prominent autumn trends that we will be adopting into our wardrobes, and showing how our online charity marketplace are catering for these trends with second hand affordable options!

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!

A top tip for a smooth transition into autumn is layering! Layering allows those who are still clinging on to the idea of summer (I am definitely guilty of this) to get some more use out of their favourite pieces before they are put back in storage! Combining summer and winter pieces is our go to this October.

A summer midi dress styled with a chunky knit and a pair of knee-high boots is a great outfit to welcome the autumnal weather and survive the unpredictable weather! And we have the perfect pair of boots currently on our website to achieve this! Check our brown 90s knee-high boots in the image below… what’s not to love!

Other summer pieces such as a basic t-shirt can also be paired with a leather bomber jacket for an edgy yet casual look, with the chance of dressing it up with accessories and bottoms of your choice. Leather pieces have been a hit year in year out, and they have proven to be a timeless piece to have in our wardrobes this autumn! If the tan leather cropped jacket pictured below has caught your eye, find it on RELUV now!

Dressing Bold for the Cold

The summer months brought the season of colour, where everyone was eager to get their hands on the boldest and brightest pieces! Colour clashing was a concept we threw out the window as the more mix match of colours we wore, the better! Here at RELUV we think bringing this mindset into autumn is the answer to easing us into the transition of those colder and darker days. However, by bold, we are not limiting it to colour. Take your own meaning and creativity to experiment with sequins, flares, prints! Charity shopping is your playground! Go wild!

Here are some of the pieces we think can bring excitement to your wardrobe this autumn and brighten up your mood:

Formal Wear is the New Everyday Attire

This years formal attire will certainly be a different take from last years autumn lockdown fits, and we can’t wait! If you are not overdressed, you are doing it wrong!

Suits are a strong statement fit and are causing a sensation in the fashion world! It appears, a more relaxed fit is influencing the market in the form of oversized blazers and a looser fit trouser. These pieces can be worn together or styled separately to create multiple effortless looks for any occasion! When styled separately, an oversized blazer can be paired with a pair of leggings or jogger, and a loose trouser can be styled with a hoodie to achieve a smart casual look. Minimal effort for a put together look! A definite win in my books!

Shirts are also making a statement and are a very versatile piece of clothing! Apart from the traditional way, they can be used as layering under a dress, or unbuttoned as an overshirt. You will be sure to get many wears and uses out of this staple piece of clothing!

Fluffy but Fierce

The first item that comes to mind when reading this headline is faux fur and sherpa jackets! These are a must have during the colder months and an essential layering piece for your wardrobe! These pieces radiate an elegant and chic feel, whilst keeping you cosy… it’s the best of both worlds! But we shouldn’t just stop at coats… faux fur accessories are ones to watch this autumn, from bucket hats to bags, they are becoming a popular way to complete a look and we are so here for it!

Where is that full length coat from in the second image you ask? Well on RELUV of course! Grab it while you can to transform your winter look!

Halloween Edit

Did you really think we would do an October autumn trends post and not mention Halloween? This year we are feeling generous, so as a treat we are letting you in on our top 5 secrets as to why we are opting for second hand this Halloween, and why you should too! I can assure you that this is not a trick!

  1. BE UNIQUE – let your imagination go wild! Rather than settling on a full prepackaged costume that you will only get one use out of, think outside the box and mix together various charity pieces to create your one of a kind costume!
  1. MAKE A DAY OUT OF IT – socially shop second hand! Put a date in your calendars to meet up with friends and visit your local charity shops.
  1. GOING GREEN FOR HALLOWEEN – steer away from plastic packaged costumes that are made to be disposed of after one use. It is crucial we take individual action to decrease our Halloween footprint and shop second hand this year!

“An October 2019 survey of 19 retailers by the family nature charity Fairyland Trust supported by Hubbub, estimates that UK Halloween celebrations generate over two thousand tonnes of plastic waste from clothing and costumes alone”

Fairyland Trust/Hubbub
  1. DECIDE YOUR DECADE – charity shopping allows you to step into a time portal and choose a decade of your choice! Whether you are after a 70s disco look, or wanting to be an 80s pop diva, charity shops are your go to!
  1. MONEY SAVER – finding an absolute bargain at a charity shop is a thrill like no other.

With Halloween fast approaching, be prepared for more themed content! Be inspired this Halloween and join us in shopping second hand!

That rounds up our favourite October autumn trends! Let us know if you will be incorporating any of these trends into your style this autumn, or if there are other trends you are loving at the moment – send them our way on instagram #RELUVUTION #RELUVTRENDS

Make sure to follow us across our socials for more styling tips and second hand love!

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