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For those who are using January as a trial period for the year and giving themselves time to adjust into the new year, we don’t blame you! Who counts January anyway? As we bring in the new year, we also give ourselves time to reflect, reflect on ourselves, our choices, our attitudes. We all ask the same thought provoking question… what can I do better?

Creating New Years resolutions is all well and good if they are made realistically, and with the intention of being able to be kept up for a long time period. One study found that two-thirds of people abandon their New Years resolutions within a month in the UK.

In recent years, buzzwords such as sustainability and second hand fashion have been thrown around a lot more frequently. With it being brought to consumers attention, we want to ensure that those who are making 2022 resolutions involving improving the sustainability of their wardrobes and fashion consumption are prepped, and ready to achieve the best possible results!


Making a large lifestyle change and unlearning socialised behaviours and attitudes surrounding the world of fast fashion consumerism is not easy, so we are giving you the tools to help you through this rewarding mission.

So, in order to make sure our pledge to sustainable fashion is sustainable, we need to take realistic steps towards this. Lets start by setting small targets that are achievable:

  • Repair and care for already owned clothes.
  • Instead of buying new, find second hand alternatives for some pieces of clothing. RELUV has you covered for this.
  • Rewear already owned clothes, explore the many ways you can style your items.
  • Rent clothes for one off occasions.
  • Sort through your wardrobes and rediscover clothes you already own.
  • Find your personal style. This enables you to not buy into trend cycles and buy staple pieces that you can wear regularly.
  • Swap clothes with friends.

It takes an average 66 days to form a new habit

Phillippa Lally, 2019

It is unsustainable to radically change your lifestyle in a short period of time. You will reach a point where you have restricted yourself so much that you rebel and give up as it is unmaintainable, so lets not set ourselves up for failure! The point is to not give up fast fashion entirely in one go, for example, at first you may continue to make fast fashion purchases on items you may find difficult to purchase second hand or sustainably, and as you go on, you may want to reduce which fast fashion pieces you are buying.

Avoiding mindless consumption can be achieved with a change of mindset. Before you buy, try asking yourselves these questions:

  • Is this a necessary purchase?
  • Am I just buying into micro trends that I will not wear a year down the line?
  • Could I find this second hand?
  • Where/when will I wear this?
  • Am I prepared to care for it?
  • Do I have items that can be worn with it?

We suggest to take this pledge to sustainable fashion and gradually set yourself personal goals that you can achieve. As humans we are prone to make mistakes along the way, but it is about perseverance.

Be sure to comment down below other tips to help our community achieve their sustainable fashion resolutions, we would love to hear them! Or send and tag us on Instagram of outfits you have put together from your sustainable wardrobes! We are doing this together!

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