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If you haven’t yet got the perfect costume, then get it second hand!

Halloween weekend is nearly upon us, so planning is well underway here at RELUV! I am sure we can all agree the best part of Halloween is dressing up, and after last years restrictions, we are ready more than ever to get creative and go all out! Over the years, Halloween has become a fast fashion nightmare, so we encourage you to raid your wardrobes, raid your Mum’s and your Dad’s wardrobes and get imaginative. Lets remember:

The most sustainable garment, is the one already in your wardrobe!

Fashion Revolution

If we convinced you guys with our 5 reasons why you should shop second hand this halloween, and you are needing ideas on how you can create your ultimate costume then stick around! We have come up with costume ideas, inspired by our pieces on RELUV, and pieces that are likely to be found at the back of your wardrobes! Choosing second hand this Halloween lessens your Halloween footprint, saves money and allows you to create your own unique outfit… so what is stopping you?

One thing to note before we get stuck right in is that there isn’t an exact structured way of how a costume should look and what it should include, and that’s the beauty of it! Take the reigns and put your own unique spin on the character of your choice! Halloween is not for sticking to the status quo.

Stop Clowning Around!

Our first costume idea is a clown look! The options of how to dress like a clown are endless, as there are so many routes you can go in. This makes it a great go to costume and an easy DIY project if you are struggling with ideas. You really can’t go wrong!

Dressing as a clown consists of wearing bright eye catching colours, and we have the perfect pair of multicoloured polka dot shorts for this!

These can be matched with a bold coloured t-shirt or shirt, and any of the accessories listed below:

  • Brightly coloured long socks
  • Big shoes or boots
  • Braces
  • Tie or bowtie
  • Large cap or hat
  • Waistcoat

I’m sure a lot of the other items mentioned above can be found in your wardrobes or could be borrowed from friends and family!

The idea is to not take yourself too seriously, and just have a bit of fun! Starting with a simple clown outfit and accessories of your choice, you can then add makeup to emphasise the type of clown you are. For example, if you are wanting to achieve a scary clown look, fake blood can be added and eyeshadow can be used to darken the eye sockets.


Enter the mysterious yet dangerous world created in Coraline, by recreating the iconic Coraline Jones look. The one piece that stands out when discussing Coraline’s fashion choices throughout the animated film is her yellow raincoat. Wearing this statement piece makes it near to impossible for people to not recognise your character of choice!

Recreate the protagonist’s look with this yellow raincoat we have on our website now, it’s a perfect match! And if that wasn’t enough… we also have blue denim jeans, and a crossbody bag currently on our website that will further bring your character to life!

This is a clear example that by buying ‘ordinary’ clothes and building an outfit, you will be able to deconstruct this outfit back into your everyday wardrobe and REWEAR it countless times!

In order to achieve the rest of the costume, raid your closets or your charity shops for these pieces:

  • Yellow rain boots
  • Dragonfly hair clip
  • Red/white top or blue top with stars
  • Chauffeur hat

Speak of the Devil and He Shall Appear

If you are struggling with what to go as for Halloween, the Devil is always a guaranteed successful option. You can’t go wrong with this fiery look!

If you do not own devil horns, have a look in the Halloween sections of your local charity shops, or even make your own! The next step is to raid your closet for red clothing! We have put together a look with a red miniskirt and a black faux fur shrug that are both currently on our website and we are obsessed! This can be paired with a red or black top underneath, and accessories such as fish net tights and a pitchfork.

If in doubt, this is always a good back up option to have!

UGH AS IF… You’re not Shopping Second Hand this Halloween!

Embrace your inner 90s aesthetic with the classic Clueless movie. This movie brought with it iconic fashion trends, which continue to be making a comeback. Every year, we are shown the same clueless costumes plastered on our social media, so we think by choosing second hand we can bring a touch of individuality into our costume choices and help differ ourselves from the rest!

Take a look at our vision of how we would dress if we were starring in this movie. This knit vest and tennis skirt is on RELUV now!

“So What is your Thing then?” “Complex Female Characters”

With the release of season 3 of Sex Education, it seemed only right we include a DIY version of a Maeve Wiley outfit. Be confident, be bold, and feel empowered when recreating one of her classic looks this Halloween.

Sex education is inspired by timeless non specific fashion, as students are seen wearing trends from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Fashion is used as an external expression of social identity for these teens, and is used to symbolise their individualisation. Maeve Wiley often adopts a grunge style throughout her scenes, and we have captured this aesthetic through inspiration from one of her outfits in the show. Check out our tweed shift dress, blazer and black leather boots on RELUV now!

Next stop Paris, Emily!

Get ahead of the game by channeling your Emily in Paris chic, before the premiere of season 2 in December! Although the show was criticised for making Emily’s outfits rather tacky and not a true reflection of how young women dress in today’s society, we’ve put together a simple yet savvy look with our Trench coat and Beret.

A Vintage Halloween

Rewind back to the 1960s with this vintage dress on our website now! This outfit can be used to dress up as multiple characters! Our take on it is a waitress at a diner, as the details of the checked print and the pocket on the upper chest fits the criteria flawlessly! However, there are no restrictions on what you can do with this outfit and what part you think it suits the most!

The idea is to prove that we don’t need some extravagant pre packaged costume to turn heads! Putting together a few simple pieces and adding a few special touches makes for a unique and fun costume. We can have as much fun creating the costume as we can have wearing it!

This post is here to reassure you that you don’t need to be a crafty individual to put together a simple but effective costume, so do not let that scare you away from attempting to do your own thing, running wild with your imagination and moving away from conventional basic costumes this year!

If you are choosing second hand this Halloween, be sure to send in pictures to our Instagram! We will love to see what you come up with!

From the team at RELUV we wish you a Happy Halloween!

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  • Rosemarie Azopardi says:

    Dearest Katie what an incredible article, especially during the week of the summit in Glasgow where climate change is being tackled by world leaders. I am in the process of organizing my wardrobe, and as usual there is little or nothing I can part with and after reading all your contributions to recycling I doubt I’ll get rid of anything.

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