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Take care of your clothes, and they will treat you well.. for many years into the future, longer than most relationships! 😉

Alongside the influence of a consumerist globalised society, the early 20th century radically transformed Valentine’s Day into an over commercialised holiday, where consumers were (and still are) socialised into believing that gift purchasing deems the best way to express your love and admiration for someone.

It is no shock that companies found a way to take advantage of this holiday as, what is a holiday without companies trying to capitalise on it? Although chocolates, roses and jewellery are the main contenders for Valentine’s Day purchases, it seems companies nowadays (with the use of heavy marketing and advertising) are able to link and promote any of their products as Valentine’s Day worthy and get away it! This constant exposure through emails, social media platforms, adverts and more make it almost impossible to resist making a purchase. But despite the pressure to buy into this holiday, we are encouraging consumers to take a step back.

In our books, appreciation does not have to be exclusively expressed through tangible gifts, there are an abundance of ways you can spread the love, and that is the beauty of it! This year, we are going beyond the conventional materialistic way you can spread the love this Valentine’s Day. We are changing the narrative. There isn’t a requirement to have a significant other to celebrate and enjoy Valentine’s Day, it is an occasion open to all. It marks a day where we can show that little bit more appreciation to our family, friends, pets, community, environment and ourselves! This is a celebration of all forms of love, so lets have fun with it…. mindfully of course!

In this piece we look at the bigger picture and share ways in which you can express love to your loved ones, and your clothes with an environmentally friendly approach. We are going beyond just making one individual happy, we are making the planet happy.

Who Will be Your Valentine?

This can range anywhere from your significant other to your Galentine’s, so we have made sure to put together a few ideas which can apply to any individual/group you are wanting to express your love to.

  • Create your own gift boxes filled with items that have a personal meaning to the person receiving it. Wanting to spread the love further? Little bits can be bought from local independent stores, charity shops or online small businesses to show your support to companies who will appreciate it.

Have Compassion for the Fashion you Already Own

Care for your clothes, like the good friends they are

Joan Crawford

One staple piece which is bound to be found in every consumers wardrobe is denim. Despite its popularity, there appears to be a lack of common knowledge surrounding how to care for your pair. Statistics show that More than 3,700 litres of water are used in the full lifetime of some pairs of jeans, so it is crucial as consumers, we alleviate as much of this impact as we can by improving the longevity of our denim.

Here are some top tips on how to protect your denim:

Other general ways to express love to your clothes include:

  • Pay attention to care labels. Every item and fabric are different, so it is important you acknowledge this and discover the best approach in maintaining the quality of your clothing.

Although these actions may seem simple, they go a long way. In the current state of the world, it is common to be swept up among the madness and forget to celebrate the love you have around you. So lets change that!

Before we mark the end of this blog, It seems only fitting we also show appreciation to you for supporting RELUV. Whether it is through our social media, reading our blog posts, or making second hand purchases on our website, your support does not go unrecognised! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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